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Introducing Pompano Beach Chiropractors

Dr. Andrew Sands

“While lifting weights one early morning in the gym, I suddenly felt an excruciating pain in my right shoulder. Suddenly, a man walked up to me and said “let me take a look.” He said he was a Chiropractor and he had worked on many shoulders throughout his career. After a brief exam in the middle of the gym, he placed my arm in an elevated position and gave it a quick pull. Immediately I felt the relief. He told me, “you subluxated your shoulder.” I said, “I did what?” He explained to me the mechanics of what I did wrong and from that point forward I knew that being a Chiropractor was my new career goal.”

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Dr. Steven Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz had his first chiropractic experience at a young age in high school when he sought a solution to his severe migraine headaches. After countless, failed medical procedures and medications, Dr. Schwartz received his only relief from his local South Florida chiropractor. As a chiropractic patient, he realized not only the pain relief benefits, but also the sport performance and overall health and wellbeing benefits he received. That experience, coupled with his innate interest in health and human science, drove Dr. Schwartz’s desire to help people in the same way he was helped.

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Dr. Sean Driscoll

Dr. Driscoll’s first chiropractic experience came about as he was searching for solutions for chronic back and neck pain. After failed attempts with allopathic medicine and physical therapy he decided to try a more natural route and thus stumbled upon the chiropractic profession. After the first visit with his chiropractor he could tell that this is what he was missing. After realizing the pain relief benefits, he started to notice other things like his sinus headaches and infections clearing up as a result of being properly adjusted. This experience as well as his education is sports medicine / athletic training led Dr. Driscoll down a road to pursue the best quality care he could provide for athletes. After going through chiropractic school, Dr. Driscoll realized he had a passion to deliver this high quality care to kids, friends, and families in the local Pompano region and has been doing now for over 2 years.